Future Energy Forum @ Astana EXPO-2017

Astana EXPO-2017
Future Energy Forum

29 June – 5 September 2017 Astana, Kazakhstan
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Conference 210–11/07/2017

Low Carbon Technologies and Renewable Technology Solutions

Sources of clean energy, sources of opportunity. Renewable technologies have made vast strides in commercial maturity and economic competitiveness.

With the window of opportunity wide open, assessing specific strengths and limitations of renewable technologies in real-time scenarios is essential. This second conference in the series of 12 puts focus on renewable and low carbon energy solutions, including the challenges and benefits of nuclear energy.

Leading international companies along with developers and innovators of renewable and low carbon energy solutions present best practices, exchange perspectives, and engage in state-of-the-art analysis. Presentations of groundbreaking projects from around the globe fuel the exchange.

Conor Lennon, an experienced journalist who now works in the realm of renewable energy, will moderate.

Day 1
Day 2

Session 101:45 PMHall 3a, Hall 3b, Hall 4a

Pioneering Renewable and Low-Carbon Energy Solutions

Energy Leaders Power Talks and Roundtables Showcase Cutting-Edge Ideas in the Fields of Hydrogen, Hydro-, Geothermal, Solar and Wind Power. Best Pratice Showcases: Short Impulse Speeches and Roundtable Sessions

Energy leaders and experts present cutting edge renewable and low-carbon energy solutions and discuss prospects for change.

Prof Dr Siew Hwa Chan Dr Saidmir Shomansurov Prof. em. Dr. Hanno Schaumburg Mr Zafar Gafurov Dr Iakov Bliashko Mr Igor Bryzgunov Prof Dr Mohammad Taghi Ameli Mr Joshi Prashant Mr Ahmed Zahran Mr Markus Graebig Dr Alexander Bormann Mr Mikhail Molchanov

Session 206:30 PMHall 2

Sources of a Sustainable Future

Approaching the Optimum Energy Mix. Moderated Energy Pioneers Plenary Session.

The Energy Pioneers Plenary Session focuses on mix-and-match renewable energy solutions. How can hydrogen, solar, wind power and similar green energy approaches be designed to work in conjunction with each other? What opportunities, challenges and demands do we face using the technologies we have available today?

Prof Dr Siew Hwa Chan Mr Igor Bryzgunov

Session 307:15 PMHall 2

A Global Dimension of Collaboration and Partnership

Renewable Energy Solutions and Smart Systems on a Global Scale. Keynote and Outlook.

Mr Conor Lennon Mr Benoît Lebot

Session 409:30 PMHall 2


The OECD is participating in EXPO 2017 with a dedicated presence in the International Organisations Pavilion and a one-day conference, “OECD Day”, which is will be held at the Congress Centre on 11 July. This event will showcase OECD activities related to environment and well-being, and link them with other dimensions of OECD work with Kazakhstan. Four thematic panels will bring together high-level policy makers from the Government of Kazakhstan, OECD experts and other stakeholders. The discussions will cover topics of interest for Kazakhstan and Central Asia as a whole: growth-enhancing structural policies; policies and finance for greener growth; water management in Central Asia; and innovation, education and skills development for the green economy.

About the OECD

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is a unique forum where governments work together to address economic, social and environmental policy challenges. The Organisation provides a setting where governments can share experiences, seek solutions to common problems, identify good practices and work to co-ordinate domestic and international policies.

Session 509:30 PMHall 4

Central Asia and the Optimum Energy Mix

Integrating Renewable Energy in Central Asia. Opening and Keynote.

The presentation aims to analyse the region's structures and opportunities for development and suggests suitable methods for meeting the needs of a green future.

Mr Duisen Mergaliyev Mr Conor Lennon

Session 610:00 AMHall 4

Transforming the Oil and Gas Sector

Energy Еfficiency as a Мajor Оpportunity for Decreasing the Carbon Footprint. Moderated Expert Plenary Session.

Oil and gas are an essential element of global economic development. How can industry implement and benefit from low-carbon policies to slow climate change? What technologies and solutions result in energy efficient and sustainable production, and, in turn, make a contribution to protecting the environment and increasing energy security?

Mr Grant W. Draper

Session 711:45 AMHall 4

Integrating Renewable Energy Across Borders

Smart Systems, Strategies and Policies. Moderated Expert Plenary Session.

This panel centers upon the procedures, opportunities and challenges related to implementing and integrating smart solutions, while keeping in mind the importance of social and political structures for promoting and developing future energy technologies.

Mr Valdis Bisters Mr Mikhail Molchanov Mr Alexander Voigt Dr Tetsunari Iida Dr Anatoly Krutov

Session 803:00 PMHall 4

The Cleanest Energy of All?

Exploring Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation. Moderated Expert Plenary Session.

This panel takes a closer look at possible methods for energy conservation with the goal of reducing the overall carbon footprint. The discussion concerns reducing consumption and discovering renewable methods that provide the energy that contemporary life requires.

Mr Alan Meier Prof. em. Dr. Hanno Schaumburg Mr Duisen Mergaliyev Mr Gordon Clements Prof Dr Mohammad Taghi Ameli Mr Jürgen Hogrefe

Session 905:15 PMHall 4

Changing the Way We Live: Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

Creating Awareness for Renewables. Moderated Expert Plenary Session.

New energy provides the potential for new technologies to transform the way we produce and consume energy. This panel increases awareness of opportunities and demands for future energy among all stakeholders: academic institutions and scientific societies, businesses, industries and civil society. How do the platforms capable of transferring technology and know-how in order to create a greener, healthier and more sustainable future look?

Prof Dr Siew Hwa Chan Dr. Tech Jyrki Luukkanen Prof Dr Manfred Stock

Session 1006:30 PMHall 4

Future Outlook


Mr Conor Lennon
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One of the central events of Astana EXPO-2017, the Future Energy Forum sets the stage for international participation and cooperation to discuss the defining issue of our time: Energy

Conference 129–30/06/2017

Energy Revolution

Conference 210–11/07/2017

Low Carbon Technologies and Renewable Technology Solutions

Conference 312–13/07/2017

International Scientific and University Conference

Conference 420–21/07/2017

Socioeconomics of a New Energy Model

Conference 524–25/07/2017

General Access to Sustainable Energy

Conference 6   31/07–01/08/2017

Energy Efficiency in the City

Urban Planning, Construction and Transport

Conference 708–09/08/2017

Energy For All

Challenges of the New Time

Conference 810–11/08/2017

Progress in Reduction of СО₂ Еmissions and Achieving the Energy Efficient Lifestyle

Conference 914–15/08/2017

Renewable Energy and Quality of Life

Conference 1021–22/08/2017

Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Problem

Conference 1128–29/08/2017

International Economy and Policy in Environmental Protection

Conference 1204–05/09/2017

Creating our Future

Carbon Trust
International Energy Advisory Council
Nazarbayev University
Pierre Cardin
National Carbon Sequestration Foundation
The DO School
Rocky Mountain Institute
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Green Academy
London School of Economics and Political Science
Global CCS Institute
Buro Happold
Global Solar Investments

Mr Dallas Campbell

Dr Savvas Seimanidis

Mr Rainer Hinrichs-Rahlwes

Dr Jeremy Leggett

Ms Marina Grossi

Mr Ted Chen

Mr Kakhramon Djumaboev

Mr Florian Lennert

Dr Parag Khana

Ms Kristina Klimovich

Mr Hans-Josef Fell

Prof Dr Mohan Munasinghe

Ms Andrea Bauer

Mr Michel Bauwens

Mr Dave Hakkens

Ms Manuela Yamada

Mr Lars Zimmermann

Ms Peggy Liu

Mr Quentin Cooper

Ms Vivienne Perry

Mr Carlo Ratti

Mr Chris Bosse

Mr Stefan Gsänger

Mr Gao Shixian

Mr Hiroshi Takahashi

Dr Behjat Al Yousuf

Mr Manfred Fischedick

Prof Lars J. Nilsson

Mr Allan Jones

Mr Dilip Limaye

Prof Dr Siew Hwa Chan

Mr Max Schwitalla

Dr Ben Caldecott

Mr Andrew Winston

Mr Pierre Cardin

Mr Rodrigo Basilicati

Dr James Bellini

Mr Jan Matthiesen

Dr Saidmir Shomansurov

Mr Grant W. Draper

Mr Zafar Gafurov

Dr Felix Christian Matthes

Ms Alejandra Cámara

Mr Sergey Korotkov

Prof. em. Dr. Hanno Schaumburg

Mr Alan Meier

Mr Benoît Lebot

Prof Anders Levermann

Prof Dr Klaus Töpfer

Prof R Andreas Kraemer

Dr Bakhyt Yessekina

Mr Gani Sadibekov

Mr Aslanbek Amrin

Dr Bulat Yessekin

Dr Nara Luvsan

Mr Andrey Pumpurs

Dr Jalil Buzrukov

Mr Georgy Safonov

Mr Pedro Xavier Martins

Dr Murat Orunkhanov

Mr Askar Kaliyev

Mr Pawel Wiktor

Ms Victoria Alexeeva

Mr Matthew Cole Van Sickle

Mr Sayed Ashraf

Mr Batyrzhan Karakozov

Ms Tatiana Vedeneva

Prof Dr Stephen Thomas

Mr Emad A W Ghali

Dr Stanislav Shmelev

Mr Marcin Wróblewski

Mr Dimitri Zenghelis

Ms Alina Averchenkova

Mr Zlatko Lagumdzija

Mr Heinrich Wyves

Prof Dr Brenda Shaffer

Prof Yousef Sobouti

Mr Mycle Schneider

Mr Conor Lennon

Mr Duisen Mergaliyev

Mr Bertrand Piccard

Prof Vito Di Noto

Prof Massimo Guarnieri

Prof Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri

Prof Dr Kanat Baigarin

Prof Dr Youba Sokona

Dr Salomon Chertorivski

Prof Dr Veselin Vukotić

Mr Chimed-Ochir Bazarsad

Mr Andis Karklins

Mr Alexei Sankovski

Mr Ramil Disembayev

Ms Nailya Nurlanova

Mr Shaiakhmet Shiganakov

Ms Saltanat Rakhimbekova

Mr Dias Uralov

Mr Ruslan Rakymbay

Mr Kairat Abdrakhmanov

Mr Rolf Mafael

Mr Taylan Karamanli

Prof em Thomas B Johansson

Ms Priscillia Andrieu

Dr Alexander Bormann

Dr Tetsunari Iida

Prof Dr Nasir El Bassam

Mr Carlo Sinatra

Mr Yvo de Boer

Mr Oliver Rapf

Prof Dr Grossmann

Mr Franz-Josef Feilmeier

Mr Sam Muirhead

Ms Justyna Swat

Ms Bianca Praetorious

Dr Iakov Bliashko

Ms Karen Marie Pagh Nielsen

Mr Ahmet Lokurlu

Dr KK Chan

Mr Jeffrey Ball

Ms Jill Duggan

Mr Markus Graebig

Mr Igor Bryzgunov

Mr Valdis Bisters

Mr Murat Armbruster

Mr Michael A. Yulkin

Mr Thomas Landrain

Mr Gordon Clements

Mr Rana Singh

Prof Dr Mohammad Taghi Ameli

Mr Mikhail Molchanov

Dr. Tech Jyrki Luukkanen

Prof Dr Kai Strunz

Green Academy Speaker

Dr Aida Karazhanova

Ms Aigul Solovyeva

Green Academy Speaker

Mr Ramil Dusembayev

Mr Alex Sankovskiy

Live Communications will participate with 11 speakers

Mr Ahmed Zahran

Mr Alexander Voigt

Mr Nurlan Kapenov

Prof Dr Manfred Stock

Mr Joshi Prashant

Mr Jürgen Hogrefe

Mr Alain de Serres

Mr Krzysztof Michalak

Ms Madina Abylkassymova

Mr Kairat Kelimbetov

Mr Olzhas Agabekov

Ms Nailya Mustaeva

Mr David Ginley

Mr George Smoot

Mr Kurt Hübner

Prof Yerzhan Syrgaliyev

Ms Janet Heckman

Dr Batjav Batbuyan

Mr Bjorn Simonsen

The EU will participate with 23 speakers

Mr Mitchell Joachim

Mr Michael Mischke

Prof Georg Windeck

Mr Antoni Vives

Mr Daniel Zhang

Dr Amela Ajanovic

Mr Eldar Tuzmukhametov

Prof Dr Reinhardt Haas

Mr Wolfgang Rohroff

Mr Jacek Cukrowski

Mr Michael Mathres

Mr Mohammad Hassan Panjeshahi

Mr Alexander Ochs

Mr Nebojsa Nakicenovic

Mr Mattia Romani

Mr Dale Spencer

UNITAR will participate with 26 speakers

Mr Andrzej Błachowicz

Dr Sergey Tulinov

Mr Gavin Allwright

Mr Christoph Göller

Mr Tom Stepien

The DO School will participate with 30 speakers

LOGA Group will participate with 15 speakers

Mr Teruyuki Ohno

Mr Janusz Reiter

Mr Djoomart Otorbaev

Ms Tuuli Kaskinen

Dr Igor Bashmakov

Dr Bahram Taheri

Shell Speaker

Dr Lee Yee Cheong

Ms Pirjo Jantunen

Mr Martin Bursik

UNESCO will participate with 8 speakers

Edinburgh International Science Festival will participate with 3 speakers

VISA will participate with 2 speakers

Mr Askar Mamin

Mr William Thompson

Mr Timur Suleimenov

Mr Zhenis Kassymbek

Mr Kanat Bozumbayev

Mr Jürgen Keinhost

Ms Kumi Kitamori

Mr Askar Myrzakhmetov

Mr Karl Anselm

Mr Jesper Pedersen

Ms Abdybai Djailoobaev

Mr Bahrom Gaforzoda

Ms Yvonne Lindenlaub

Ms Ainur Kuatova

Mr Matthew Griffiths

Mr Gernot Hutschenreiter

Mr Yerlan Sagadiyev

Mr Yerlan Syrgaliev

Mr Aidar Zhakupov

Mr Owen Zachariasse

Prof Mauricio Tolmasquim

Mr Rakesh Bohra

Dr Anatoly Krutov

Ms Kirsty Anderson

Mr Joe Kaeser

Mr Christoph Schödel

Ms Justyna Wysocka-Golec

Ms Dana Galiyeva

Mr Almasadam Satkaliyev

Mr Francis Etienne

Gleb Shegelsky

Mr Georgy Szabo

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a network of high-profile international climate leaders and experts representing politics and science. Their expertise and know-how provides valuable support and advice during the conference development and drafting of the Astana EXPO-2017 Manifesto of Values and Principles. Along with performing quality control, the Steering Committee acts as the highest international level of decision-making regarding the Manifesto, directing both its strategic orientation and the drafting process.

The Future Energy Forum of Astana EXPO-2017 marks a new and pioneering chapter in the story of global discussions on dealing with climate change and new energies.

Being the host of Astana EXPO-2017, Kazakhstan is at the forefront of future energy development. The Future Energy Forum is designed to inform, inspire and innovate, to foster participation and exchange, and to actively create a global platform for a global future of renewable energy.

Attendees include high-level government representatives, international agencies, leading scientists and academics, NGOs, visionaries and leaders, innovators in industry and engineering, and other key players and stakeholders in the energy sector.

  • Promote international exchange, discussion and innovation about the present and future of sustainable energy and development
  • Promote clean energy economies and a green lifestyle
  • Develop international partnerships in economics, science, industry and technology
  • Promote the exchange of best practices in the area of sustainable development and clean energy
  • Create an innovation platform for the green industry in Kazakhstan
  • Accelerate the transition to a green economy and attract investment for innovative projects