Future Energy Forum @ Astana EXPO-2017

Astana EXPO-2017
Future Energy Forum

29 June – 5 September 2017 Astana, Kazakhstan
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Conference 420–21/07/2017

Socioeconomics of a New Energy Model

Dr. Ben Caldecott, British environmentalist and economist, and currently Director of the Sustainable Finance Programme at the University of Oxford School of Enterprise and the Environment, hosts the fourth conference at the Astana EXPO-2017 Future Energy Forum.

During the conference at the Astana EXPO-2017, political leaders and industry and financing experts seek to bolster transnational cooperation, develop new frameworks, and highlight future energy market solutions to low carbon emission economies. Presentation, keynote and workshop topics will include: green finance and investment, the role of institutions, the importance of national commitment, emission trade, resource planning and management, as well as impact investment.

Managing and accelerating the transition to a renewable-based energy system, the social, economic and environmental values created by renewable energies contribute to economic growth, employment, and welfare. Increased understanding of complex energy systems improves the knowledge base for developing new policies and business, and engaging civil society organisations in the post-carbon transition.

Day 1
Day 2

Session 110:00 AMHall 2

Energy as World's pressing Challenge – Contributions and Potential of the Financial Sector

Opening plenary session

Moderator Dr Ben Caldecott opens day one of the Future Energy Forum's fourth conference

Dr Ben Caldecott Dr Stanislav Shmelev Mr Gerald Harris Mr Yerbol Shormanov Mr Yernar Bakenov Mr Timur Toktabayev

Session 210:50 AMHall 2

Green Economy: Environmental Policy as Driver for Growth

Keynote address

Environmental challenges and climate change have economic and social implications. Market growth, environmental protection, and standards of living are indicators beyond GDP growth and need to be compatible. What potential does the Green Economy and sustainable development have to be a future driver of economic growth?

Dr Ben Caldecott Dr Stanislav Shmelev

Session 311:40 AMHall 2

Financing Sustainability

Moderated expert plenary session

Financing sustainability requires developing long-term financial and political frameworks that bridge short-term market fluctuations and geopolitical instability. What mix of incentives, institutional arrangements, policy, and additional initiatives are necessary to ensure continued investment, development, and integration of renewable energy solutions?

Dr Ben Caldecott Mr Max Gruenig Dr Felix Christian Matthes Ms Ainur Sospanova Mr Ramazan Zhampiissov

Session 400:40 PMHall 2

Legislation: Barrier or Driver of Future Energy

Impulse speech

In the coming decades the energy demand will be driven higher by demographic and economic growth. International and national commitment and determined climate policies are steps towards contributing to the energy transition and decarbonisation. How dependent are economies and investors on policies, legislation and regulation? What regulatory incentives need to be in place to encourage and support the sustainable energy sector? And how do we move forward amidst geopolitical uncertainty?

Dr Ben Caldecott Mr Christoph Schödel

Session 502:15 PMHall 2

Scenario Analysis for the Socioeconomics of Electric Power: The Future Evolution of Electric Power Systems as Technology and Consumer Demands Change

Keynote address

The future often seems hard to manage. By using scenario planning and other strategic planning tools to forecast emergent future scenarios in the energy sector, investors are better equipped to navigate and mitigate short-term risk and look for new value and opportunities in renewable energy.

Dr Ben Caldecott Mr Gerald Harris

Session 602:45 PMHall 2

New Energy Models & Pathways to Low-Carbon Economies: Investments in Infrastructure and Technologies

Moderated expert plenary session

What are the prerequisites and pathways for a successful transition to a vigorous and secure renewable energy model? CO2 emissions reduction, promotion of energy efficiency, and integration of renewable energy sources are advancing rapidly, resulting in conflicts of interest as the energy transition continues. What are the solutions for these conflicts? Is there space for “transition” technologies, and does nuclear energy have a role to play?

Dr Ben Caldecott Prof Dr Frede Hvelplund Prof Stephen Thomas Prof Dr Kurt Hübner Dr Walter Steinmann Mr Maksat Tuzelbayev

Session 704:45 PMHall 2

Tidal Current Turbines

Energy Best Practice Pavilion: best practice presentation

Best Practice Showcase of Andritz Hydro GmbH.

Dr Ben Caldecott Mr Zhomart Nurkanov

Session 805:00 PMHall 2

Clean Energy Investments: Chances, Trends, Potential and Innovative Business Models

Power talks

In order to scale up clean energy and foster sustainable economic development, mobilising capital is essential. The roundtable promotes niche and project related discussions of a diverse set of implementations of efficient finance solutions, key factors and strategies. What has to be done to make a sustainable business model commercially successful?

Dr Ben Caldecott Mr Emad A W Ghali Ms Alejandra Cámara Mr Chimed-Ochir Bazarsad Mr Taylan Karamanli

Session 906:00 PMHall 2

Energy Innovations – Clean Energy Projects

Impulse speech

Best Practice Showcases of the UK Pavillion

Dr Ben Caldecott Ms Sara Everett Mr Campbell Keir

Session 1006:15 PMHall 2

Financial Potential of Renewable Energy Sources

Impulse speech

Dr Ben Caldecott Mr Almas Ryssakov

Session 1106:30 PMHall 2

Outlook: Astana EXPO-2017 Manifesto of Values and Principles

Conclusion day 1

Dr Ben Caldecott

Session 1210:05 AMHall 2

The Role of Green Accounting and Carbon Finance: Transitioning to a Post-carbon Future

TERI: Inaugural session

Dr Ben Caldecott H E Mr Harsh Kumar Jain H E Mr Bulat Sergazyuly Sarsenbayev

Session 1310:35 AMHall 2

Natural Capital Accounting for Profitability and Sustainability

TERI: moderated expert plenary session

Reliance and impact of economic decisions on natural capital at multiple levels.

Dr Sharad Singh Negi Ms Divya Datt Dr Anirban Ghosh Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma

Session 1402:00 PMHall 2

Innovative Inflatable Solar Concentrators

Energy Best Practice Pavilion: best practice presentation

Best Practice Showcase of HELIOVIS AG.

Dr Ben Caldecott Mr Farhad Shikhaliyev

Session 1502:15 PMHall 2

Carbon Accounting and Markets

TERI: moderated expert plenary session

Opportunities and challenges provided by Emerging Mechanisms to Green Growth, value ecosystem services and sustainable development whilst mitigating climate change.

Dr Sharad Singh Negi Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma Dr Pia Sethi Dr Annapurna Vancheswaran Dr Ajoy Kumar Bhattacharya

Session 1604:45 PMHall 2



Session 1705:15 PMHall 2

Conclusion and Outlook

Conclusion and outlook of the fourth conference of the Future Energy Forum, Astana EXPO-2017.

Dr Ben Caldecott
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One of the central events of Astana EXPO-2017, the Future Energy Forum sets the stage for international participation and cooperation to discuss the defining issue of our time: Energy

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Energy Revolution

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Low Carbon Technologies and Renewable Technology Solutions

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Socioeconomics of a New Energy Model

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General Access to Sustainable Energy

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Energy Efficiency in the City

Urban Planning, Construction and Transport

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Energy Solutions for the Climate Change Problem

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International Economy and Policy in Environmental Protection

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Creating our Future

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Carbon Trust
Edinburgh International Science Festival
Global CCS Institute
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London School of Economics and Political Science
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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a network of high-profile international climate leaders and experts representing politics and science. Their expertise and know-how provides valuable support and advice during the conference development and drafting of the Astana EXPO-2017 Manifesto of Values and Principles. Along with performing quality control, the Steering Committee acts as the highest international level of decision-making regarding the Manifesto, directing both its strategic orientation and the drafting process.

The Future Energy Forum of Astana EXPO-2017 marks a new and pioneering chapter in the story of global discussions on dealing with climate change and new energies.

Being the host of Astana EXPO-2017, Kazakhstan is at the forefront of future energy development. The Future Energy Forum is designed to inform, inspire and innovate, to foster participation and exchange, and to actively create a global platform for a global future of renewable energy.

Attendees include high-level government representatives, international agencies, leading scientists and academics, NGOs, visionaries and leaders, innovators in industry and engineering, and other key players and stakeholders in the energy sector.

  • Promote international exchange, discussion and innovation about the present and future of sustainable energy and development
  • Promote clean energy economies and a green lifestyle
  • Develop international partnerships in economics, science, industry and technology
  • Promote the exchange of best practices in the area of sustainable development and clean energy
  • Create an innovation platform for the green industry in Kazakhstan
  • Accelerate the transition to a green economy and attract investment for innovative projects